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Preventative Dental Care for Children

Dental care is important for both adults and children. Children form dental habits that can be hard to break as they grow up. The most important habit for your child to practice is proper dental care! A big part of proper dental care is participating in preventative dentistry. We are excited to become your child’s pediatric dental home in Edinburg, TX! Give us a call today and schedule your appointment with your child’s pediatric dentist. 

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What Is Preventative Dental Care?

Pediatric preventative dental treatments are procedures and practices that are designed to prevent the development of dental problems in children, such as cavities and gum disease. These treatments can include fluoride treatments, sealants, and regular cleanings.

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The Benefits of Preventative Dental Care for Children

Preventative dental treatments in Edinburg, TX, are important for children because they can help to ensure that their teeth and gums remain healthy as they grow and develop. By detecting and managing potential dental issues early on, these treatments can help prevent the need for more extensive (and potentially pricey) dental work.

Benefits of Dental Care for Children:

  • Preserve tooth enamel
  • Minimize the risk of tooth decay
  • Fight off gum disease
  • Better breath
  • More confidence growing up

What Preventative Dental Treatments Are Available for Children?

Here are a few standard types of pediatric preventative dental treatments:

  • Fluoride treatments: These topical fluoride applications help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.
  • Sealants: These thin plastic coatings are applied to the back teeth (molars and premolars) to create a barrier against bacteria and food particles, helping prevent cavities. Learn more about dental sealants for kids
  • Cleanings: Regular pediatric dentist or dental hygienist cleanings can help remove plaque and tartar from the teeth, preventing gum disease and maintaining good oral health.

How Often Should My Child See Their Pediatric Dentist?

The frequency of preventative dental treatments may vary depending on your child’s age, oral hygiene habits, and risk of dental problems. 

Your pediatric dentist in Edinburg, TX, will be able to recommend a treatment plan that is appropriate for your child’s needs.

Preventative Dental Care Habits at Home

If your child sees how important preventative oral care is to you, that will make it feel important to them. 

As a parent, you are responsible for setting a good example of good oral hygiene at home. Oral care can be a fun family activity at home where everyone can be involved!

Healthy Dental Care Habits Include:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with your children
  • Help your young ones brush their teeth
  • Ensure your children floss once a day
  • Ensure that your child consumes a healthy diet

A Journey to a Healthier Smile With Our Pediatric Dentist in Edinburg, TX!

Our Edinburg pediatric dental office was created with your child in mind. 

It starts with something as simple as our name, Gigglesville Pediatric Dentistry. From games to toys to iPads, to colorful walls, to a compassionate staff, our practice was designed to be a safe and fun place for your child to visit the dentist.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We cannot wait to meet you!

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